How to Keep Your Precious Glassware

The presence of uniquely designed glassware on your tables isn’t newly introduced fashion. Great looking glassware are much popular through many decades. A perfect set of glassware in your room can have a positive impact on your guests. But what if you buy a precious set of glassware and none of them look much attractive? You must know some basic but essential tips on how to keep your glassware protected and safe.

  • Always use hot water and a durable detergent

Glasses doesn’t withstand against the cold water and in most cases when the water is too much cooler than the temperature of the glass, then the glasses get a wreck. So, it is always recommended to use hot water for washing out your glasses. Also, hot water easily removes the strains of water drops and is also good to wash out the remaining cola and other drinks as well.

  • Wipe Glasses just after washing

After washing glasses, quickly wipe the water so that the water drops doesn’t remain in the glass. The drops of water will cause strains which will be visible after the water dries. So, always dry your glasses after washing them so that no water remains in there.

  • Rinse them after use

Rinse your glasses after using them. If your guests have taken a drink and your glasses are free, don’t wait for them to leave the home so that you can wash them out. Just pick the used glasses and just rinse them with clean water so that the drink may not get stuck in that.

  • Use toothpaste for extra shine

If you really want to have shiny glasses and you aren’t satisfied with just regular cleaning, then we have got a special trick for you to make your glasses look shinier. Wash the glass with normal water and after that cover it with toothpaste. Normally, 4-5 pea size drops will be sufficient to cover the entire glass. Scrub the toothpaste with the toothbrush for at least a minute to allow the paste to settle. Now, wash it with hot water to remove the toothpaste and dry the glass. You’ll notice a considerable change in the shine of your glass.

  • Use natural cleaners instead

If you’re willing to wash your glasses with a good detergent, then to be very honest, there aren’t any good detergent than the natural ones. The white vinegar and baking soda are the best natural dishwashers. You can use vinegar in two ways.

  • Drop two tablespoons of vinegar on a dry but clean towel and simply just wipe the glasses with that towel. The glasses will get washed and the strains will be removed.
  • Now, if you don’t want to get attached with the vinegar, just dilute two cups of vinegar in a small plastic tub or in a big bowl. Put the glasses in that vinegar solution for at least 10 minutes. Don’t rinse the glasses with water afterward.

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